Bridal Packages

The Classic Bridal Package: where less is more
The Elegant Bridal Package: where intricate art comes to life
The Star Bridal Package: a glamorous look sparkled with gems
The Royal Bridal Package: where fairy tales are made

The Classic Bridal package

· Mehndi design for a bride who feels simplicity is best. This package   includes mehndi similar to the indo-moghul style, on both sides of the   hands up to the wrists and feet.

The Elegant Bridal package

· Intricate artwork creating contemporary or traditional designs on both   sides of the hands up to the wrists and feet.

The Star Bridal package

· For the creative bride seeking the traditional look. This includes The   Elegant Bridal Package as above but with more emphasis on the detail.

The Royal Bridal package

· Includes The Star Bridal Package with detailed mehndi entirely covering   the palms extending to the elbows. It also includes arm bands and part   of the back.
·  Complimentary sparkle of gems and glitter to match your outfit.   
·  Complimentary menhdi strips for 2 of your bridesmaids.
· One hour unlimited mehndi strips/tattoos for your guests at the mehndi   night.


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