Khilna Shah

Khilna Shah, the main artiste and founder of Mehndi Creations offers a highly personalised, friendly and tailor made service to suit individual tastes & budgets.

With over fifteen years of experience, knowledge and natural artistic talent which stems throughout her life, Khilna is known for her passion in henna art and provide a creative, innovative and professional design service to create visually stunning and unique works of art for her clients. Her work transcends the ordinary and rewards with opulence and glamour. With a skills base and expertise that covers the spectrum of design, development and deliverability, we can create bespoke designs that embody pure luxury and achieve 'The uncompromising art of style'.  Khilna creates new trends in Mehndi for her competitors to follow and prides in quality, unique styles and personal service she offers. 

From your initial consultation, through to your Mehndi Night, Khilna is guaranteed to make every Bride truly Special, working with the bride on their special day to create their dream  Bridal Mehndi Masterpiece!